Miffy Is Naughty

Posted by Miffy on September 12, 2019

Miffy is excited to announce the launch of: 'miffy is naughty', a tale about her being a little mischievous bunny!

Miffy does something  naughty in this adorable addition to the classic Miffy stories. First written in 2008, 'miffy is naughty' sees Miffy out shopping with Mother Bunny when she succumbs to temptation in the sweet shop. After a sleepless night, wracked by guilt, Miffy confesses what she has done to Mother Bunny who takes her back to the shop to put things right. Miffy will never do anything like that ever again!

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Created by celebrated Dutch artist Dick Bruna, Miffy was first published in 1955. Bruna's distinctive & minimal style has enchanted children for generations and over 85 million copies of the books have been sold in over 50 languages.

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