Baby Shower Games

Posted by Miffy on October 08, 2019

Miffy loves going to baby showers to celebrate the birth of a new little one. It's a time of celebration and friends getting together for a magical reason is always special, even more so when fun games are involved! Here are some of her favourite baby shower games to play...

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Make A Miffy Nursery

Posted by Miffy on October 07, 2019

Are you expecting? It's time to start thinking about decorating the nursery for your new baby!

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Miffy's Adventures Big and Small

Posted by Miffy on September 30, 2019

Miffy's Adventures Big and Small is based on the charming Miffy book series and is a continuation of the Miffy and Friends TV series which aired from 2003-2007.

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World Peace is Possible

Posted by Miffy on September 21, 2019

Did you know that 21st September is World Peace Day?

Celebrated since 1982, International Day of Peace is where peace is promoted all around the world. 

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Tobias & the Bear X Miffy

Posted by Miffy on September 21, 2019

A sweet new 20-piece capsule collection of stylish and chic clothing for kids from Tobias and the Bear, featuring Miffy, will launch for spring/summer 2018.

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