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Gold Miffy Calendar One of the World's Most Expensive Calendars

Posted by Miffy on November 06, 2019

There are lots of expensive things in this world. Phones, holidays, cars, homes; the list goes on & on & on. But what about calendars? Most of us will happily have a fairly cheap, little one to note down key events. However, a Miffy calendar is actually one of the world's most expensive. 

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How Matisse & Mondrian Inspired Dick Bruna

Posted by Miffy on October 22, 2019

Miffy's creator Dick Bruna often cites the 20th century artists Matisse and Mondrian as key inspirations behind his work. The paintings featured in his 1997 storybook Miffy at the gallery look very similar to well-known works by these two famous artists.

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Miffy's World

Posted by Miffy on October 21, 2019

Join Miffy in this charming 3D interactive app where she plays and learns more about the world around her. Help Miffy get through her day by exploring, playing with friends, creating art and more. 

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Vote To Name New Planet After Miffy

Posted by Miffy on October 18, 2019

Miffy could be in the running to rename a planet or star discovered by Dutch astronomers. How fantastic would that be? We are sure it would be the cutest!

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Carve A Miffy Pumpkin

Posted by Miffy on October 09, 2019

With Halloween just around the corner it's time to pick your pumpkin and get carving. Here's an adorable Miffy design for those who prefer the cute to the spooky!

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