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Miffy's World

Posted by Miffy on October 21, 2019

Join Miffy in this charming 3D interactive app where she plays and learns more about the world around her. Help Miffy get through her day by exploring, playing with friends, creating art and more. 

Play With Miffy

Based on the Dick Bruna books, this Miffy app from StoryToys captures everything lovable about Miffy and transforms that for the little screen. 

Every day presents new things to discover and the more you play with Miffy, the more you can unlock!  

  • Start the day by washing Miffy and brushing her teeth
  • Help her choose her outfit
  • Enjoy the garden
  • Playtime with the adorable Snuffy the dog
  • Play with her toys
  • Fly her kite
  • Grow fruit and veg
  • Bake cakes
  • Fly high up in the clouds and collect the stars in her dreams 

An Educational Experience...

Not only is this a fun app for your little ones, but it also offers development benefits too! Miffy's World can gently stimulate learning, curiosity, and creativity. 

Health Knowledge and Practice

  • Putting Miffy to bed shows children how incredibly important sleep is for wellbeing and our bodies.
  • Daily tasks such as brushing teeth and dressing independently from adults will become habitual and is part of growing up.

Approaches to Learning

  • Helping Miffy complete daily tasks will encourage children to use more of their own initiative.
  • Growing fruit and vegetables, and baking and cooking with Miffy develops attentiveness and curiosity which could spark greater interests. 

Logic and Reasoning

  • Engaging children in simple pretend play with familiar tasks; for example, tucking Miffy into bed.

Physical Development

  • As children digitally learn with Miffy’s World they also develop fine motor skills which will aid them throughout school, work, and life.

Creative Arts Expression

  • Colouring and painting with Miffy will help encourage more creativity and imagination.

Download Miffy's World

This Miffy app can be downloaded onto Apple devices with iOS or devices that use the Android operating system. Follow the links below that are right for your device.

Apple  |  Android

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