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Vote To Name New Planet After Miffy

Posted by Miffy on October 18, 2019

Miffy's name could be in the running to rename a planet and star discovered by Dutch astronomers. How fantastic would that be? We are sure it would be the cutest!

The star, which is currently known as HAT-P-6, with the orbiting planet known as HAT-P-6b. Discovered in 2007, the Dutch planet is over 910 light years away is is part of the Andromeda constellation. 

Miffy is currently on the 5-name shortlist which was put together by Dutch astronomers based on 6,000 potentials. You can vote here but voting will be closed at the end of October. 

Miffy Loves Stars

If you didn't know already, Miffy absolutely adores stars! What is not to love about them? They sparkle and look so pretty in the night sky. 

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