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What is Amigurumi?

Posted by Miffy on January 22, 2020

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting. The word is a portmanteau, derived from two Japanese words. The first ami, meaning "crocheted or knitted", & the second nuigurumi, which means "stuffed doll". Combine them & you get amigurumi. 

What is Amigurumi? 

Now we know what it actually means, we can share with you some examples. A lot of amigurumi features animals or creatures & has boomed in popularity since the turn of the millennia. 

What is Amigurumi

Amigurumi usually is crocheted from yarn or thread. It can be created as a single piece but more often multiple segments are combined to create one. Once sewn, they can then be stuffed. 

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cute amigurumi

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