Miffy's Adventures Big and Small

Posted by Miffy on September 30, 2019

Miffy's Adventures Big and Small is based on the charming Miffy books series and is a continuation of the Miffy and Friends TV series which aired from 2003-2007. The new series sees Miffy and her friends exploring the exciting world around her, from jumping in puddles to going camping! Perfect for young, delicate eyes, the show features bright primary colours and simple shapes, combined with plenty of space around them for a child's imagination to roam. Each adventure is seven minutes long – just long enough for you and your little Miffy to enjoy 'cuddle time' together before hopping off to bed....

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Miffy Museum

Posted by Miffy on September 13, 2019

On 6th February 2016, the Miffy Museum opened its doors to offer a spectacular immersive experience. Created especially for children, in the city of Utrecht, the birthplace of her creator, Dick Bruna, the Miffy Museum welcome your visit. The Miffy Museum Is A Real First... The first of its kind in the Netherlands, the Miffy Museum's interior, toys and play materials allow young children to discover the world around them while they play. Visitors will start their adventure at Miffy's house and continue through the museum by crawling, exploring, sniffing, dancing and playing as they go along. The rooms at...

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Miffy Bedding

Posted by Miffy on September 12, 2019

A cute range of delightfully sunny Miffy bedding will be available from selected Primark stores from February 2018. See how adorable it is here...

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Miffy Is Naughty

Posted by Miffy on September 12, 2019

Miffy does something  naughty in this adorable addition to the classic Miffy stories. First written in 2008, 'miffy is naughty' sees Miffy out shopping with Mother Bunny when she succumbs to temptation in the sweet shop.

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Happy Birthday Miffy

Posted by Miffy on September 11, 2019

On 21st June, Miffy is celebrates her birthday. Hip, hip, hooray! In 2020, she will turn 65! If it's your birthday soon or you're organising a party for someone special, Miffy has rounded up the best products for you, from party wear to gifts for the birthday boy or girl.

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