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Our Top Toys For Kids 2020

Posted by Miffy on January 16, 2020

Having fun should be a child's priority. They grow up so fast & playtime is important. With educational toys, games to aid cognitive development, & those which are just simply fun, we have something for the littlest of humans to enjoy. At the Official Miffy shop, you will find all sorts of toys & games...

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How To Plant Tulips With Miffy

Posted by Miffy on January 14, 2020

Miffy loves planting flowers in her garden, especially her favourite tulips. Do you want to come and help Miffy plant some tulips? Our expert guide will help encourage little green thumbs to learn more about growing and caring for plants and flowers. 

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5 Personalised Housewarming Gift Ideas

Posted by Miffy on January 13, 2020

A personalised housewarming gift adds that special touch. Moving house can be stressful, but it'll be worth it in the end. Whether it's a first home, dream home or somewhere in between, a sweet gift will be met with joy. And, at the official Miffy shop, we offer a broad range of personalised gifts... 

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Where Is Miffy From?

Posted by Miffy on January 12, 2020

Miffy is from the Netherlands. This is also where her creator Dick Bruna is from! Despite her European roots, this adorable little bunny has become a popular icon all over the world. 

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How To Plan A Miffy Party

Posted by Miffy on January 09, 2020

Is your little one Miffy mad? Are you a lifelong Miffy fan? Celebrate your birthday with a little help from Miffy! We've got some top tips for planning birthday parties, baby showers, family get-togethers and more. 

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