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5 Personalised Housewarming Gift Ideas

Posted by Miffy on January 13, 2020

A personalised housewarming gift adds that special touch. Moving house can be stressful, but it'll be worth it in the end. Whether it's a first home, dream home or somewhere in between, a sweet gift will be met with joy. And, at the official Miffy shop, we offer a broad range of personalised gifts... 

5 Personalised Housewarming Gift Ideas

Our official, online webshop is home to a number of household essentials and homeware. With our entire personalised range, you can add any name of your choice to any of our Miffy designs. It makes them perfect for lifelong Miffy fans, as well as those who have just discovered this adorable little bunny. 

Personalised Tea Towels

A staple essential in any kitchen. Our personalised tea towels will add a very sweet touch when it comes to washing and drying up. Perfect for families, those with young children, as well as those who simply love Dick Bruna's creation. 

personalised housewarming gifts

Personalised Lunch Boxes

This one is for the foodies. We all love a good lunch and we all love a good treat maybe a bit more! Our personalised lunch boxes are perfect for storing food, taking to school or work, as well as make for a great little snack box for when we feel peckish. 

personalised housewarming gifts

Personalised Cushions

Add a cute Miffy touch to any home with our personalised cushions. Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, playrooms or nurseries. They are also perfect for young Miffy fans to snuggle against come storytime. 

housewarming gift ideas

Personalised Mugs

You'll need something to drink out when you pop over now won't you? Our personalised colour insert mugs are just calling out for new homes. They're ideal for all your favourite hot drinks, and of course, feature charming Miffy designs. 

miffy housewarming gifts

Wooden Letters

With our wooden letters, you can spell out anything you wish. With the full alphabet available, spelling names is so easy. Perfect for bedrooms and offices alike. 

housewarming gifts

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More Miffy Gifts...

Our webshop is jam-packed with so much wonderful official merchandise, as well as a special number of exclusives that you will not find anywhere else.  

miffy gifts for housewarming

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