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Where Is Miffy From?

Posted by Miffy on January 12, 2020

Miffy is from the Netherlands. This is also where her creator Dick Bruna is from! Despite her European roots, this adorable little bunny has become a popular icon all over the world. 

Where is Miffy From?

Miffy's home town is Utrecht, Netherlands. She was born in 1955 when Dick Bruna drew her up whilst on holiday to entertain his son.

where is miffy from

Since then, Miffy has taken the world by storm featuring in many books, two tv series, as well as her very own film. There is even a special city tour full of Miffy spottings, as well as the official Miffy Museum in her home town too!  

More About Miffy

Miffy in Dutch translates to 'Nijntje' which actually means 'little bunny'. In the year 2020, on June 21st, she will celebrate her 65th birthday, which she also shares with Prince William. 

where is miffy from

Grab even more need-to-know Miffy Facts here on our blog. 

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 where is miffy from

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