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Miffy x Ghostly Collection Launches

Posted by Miffy on June 07, 2019

Miffy is excited to announce her collaboration with Ghostly. It comes as a great hat-tip to her iconic creator Dick Bruna

Miffy x Ghostly

According to Ghostly blog, founder Samuel Valenti, said: "Miffy has to do very little to spark emotion.

miffy x ghostly

“We've always admired the character and in many ways, have modeled our approach to art and artifice with her spirit in mind. For Ghostly's first ten years, we had our own illustrated mascots, Michael Segal's BoyCatBird, who lived in comic strips, music videos, even toys. So it feels like we’re coming full circle now to have the chance to work with a founding inspiration and one of the great characters of the modern era."

The collaboration coincides with Ghostly's 20th anniversary, as well as Miffy's 65th birthday in 2020. 


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