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Visit Miffy in Japan

Posted by Miffy on September 06, 2019

Japan is home to many Miffy shops & cafés – if you're visiting the country this year, here are the best spots to find your favourite bunny.

Miffy Style Stores

If you love shopping, visit one of nine 'Miffy Style' stores, which have all the Miffy merchandise you can imagine! They are located all over Japan, with a couple in Tokyo, as well as Fukuoka, Aichi, & Osaka. Unlike other stores, these shops are aimed at an older, fashion conscious audience who love Miffy's simple & chic style.

miffy shop japan

Seeing somebody special? There's a Miffy Flower Shop based in Tokyo! 

miffy flower shop

The shop sells a beautiful array of flowers as well as some unique Miffy products which aren't available anywhere else, including necklaces & more cute jewellery.


Miffy Café

Have a lunch break at the Miffy Café in Kamaishi, Iwate. Everything from the interior to the menu is Miffy themed, including waffles & parfaits! The café is a popular hit with locals as well as tourists, most likely because of the tasty food. The project was originally developed from 2013 as a testimony to the friendship between the Netherlands & Kamaishi. The cafe opened in 2015.

miffy cafe japan

Other venues have since opened up including a Miffy Bakery in Arashiyama as well as Miffy Kitchens dotted across various areas of Japan. 

About Miffy

If you're keen to find out more about Dick Bruna – Miffy's creator – & his original artworks, head over to the exhibition 'The Secret of Simplicity: Dick Bruna's Design' in Hyogo or Kanagawa. Here, 500 items including paperbacks, sketches & posters, have been compiled under themes which explore the main themes of Bruna's work: line, colour & shape.

miffy japan

If you spot any other Miffy themed attractions on your trip, or would like to share your photos with us, please get in touch via Miffy's Facebook page HERE.

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